B2B Ventures by The Hatchery | New York Enterprise Incubator

Enterprise Incubator with a Big Data Twist

Find Customers

We secure the first customer, set up private beta customers, build out the customer acquisition and sales strategy, and setup pipelines all prior to product launch. Running parallel to the operating team we continue to assist in business development.

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Unite Founders

We form founding teams with the best talent who are looking for a more balanced way to launch companies. We bring together serial entrepreneurs to lead and senior engineers and data scientists to build. Folks who want to tackle problems join as Entrepreneurs-In-Residence to help shape ideas.

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Build Product

We solve business problems with a focus on data — turning solutions to features to product that is packaged and launched. The focus is in market fit with a high demand.

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Supply Funding

We bring funding to each project to allow the team to grow quickly without interruption towards exit.

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