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Human Interact Studios

Our company creates virtual humans that you can talk to.

Through our unique design approach, we are able to write custom AIs tailored for your use case. Unlike smartphone assistants such as Siri or Alexa, our situational awarenessallows for human-like intelligence. By designing each AI as a character with personality traits, we are able to craft custom assistants that delight your customers.

Human Interact has taken state-of-the-art conversational AI to the next level: Understanding context. Our characters use AI driven natural language processing to understand complex phrase, meaning characters created by Human Interact can answer ambiguous questions like “Why not?”, and can determine the sentiment of your user’s speech, letting us respond intelligently to the emotions of the speaker.

The result: virtual characters with industry-leading intelligence.

Our virtual humans understand the nuances of natural language: Humor, colloquialisms, and appropriateness. They have unique traits, interests and abilities; in essence — a personality. Audiences feel like they’re engaging with a real person.

Our teams of award-winning storytellers are uniquely qualified for writing virtual characters. Though our experience with AAA game development and machine learning, we’ve discovered what’s necessary to write simulations and experiences that capture the human element.

  • Company Human Interact Studios
  • Industry VR + AI
  • Founders Alexander Mejia, Sophie Wright
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