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Partnering with a top publisher to develop and launch a news prediction product.

Predictable.ly is a content prediction platform for editors and content producers. It is meant to predict what stories to cover that will generate the most traffic.

This system was developed directly with a number of publishers and their editors specifically to improve efficiencies in their work process, decide what to write each day that would drive most traffic, and where opportunities for promotion may exist. The prediction aspect is to identify opportunities before too many competitors have covered the story and suggestions not completely driven by herd effect. It’s the start of the day and a helpful assistant to key decisions like:

  • “what should we write about”
  • “should we cover that”
  • “what should we push more of”
  • “what’s the best approach to…”
  • “which headline would resonate more”


  • Company Predictable.ly
  • Industry Publishing
  • Founders B2B Ventures, Amy Vernon, Pavel Kordik