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Consumer product insights, benchmarking and indexes down to the product level based on social image recognition technology.

Brands are analyzing social channels for consumer engagement and lift. Why? They want to understand what the very top of the social channel looks like so that they can continue their quest to grow that top of the funnel and then convert their customer (sales). Part of that challenge is understanding what their competitive landscape looks like.

As the visual web has emerged, consumers are increasingly sharing PRODUCT IMAGES. Brands currently have no way to analyze which PRODUCTS are getting lift and what PRODUCT TRENDS are emerging across a vertical.

Our analytics can answer:

  • Which of a brand’s PRODUCTS AND (image) creatives are creating social lift (and in what social channels)?
  • Which distribution partners (retailers) are doing a better job in social across different categories or products?
    • Is the Nordstrom Sara Jessica Parker shoe launch doing better than a Saks Fifth Avenue campaign for show¬†(products) in that same price range?
    • Does the SFA creative for a particular product perform better than Bloomingdales?
    • Are retailers giving some products more “social play” than others?
  • How are a brands PRODUCTS benchmarking vs. SIMILAR products?
  • Which brands are doing a better job of reaching the right demographic for a specific type of product?
  • When do seasonal product trends start to matter to consumers?


By aggregating PRODUCT data across vertical categories brands can also set campaign expectations BEFORE a campaign is launched. This is something that is almost impossible to do with other competitive analytic platforms.


  • Company Scientificly
  • Industry Consumer product benchmarking
  • Founders Marcela Shine, Tammo Mueller