B2B Ventures by The Hatchery | New York Enterprise Incubator

How it works

B2B Ventures is an enterprise incubator streamlining early-stage venture development by building products solving specific problems within corporations.  The corporation becomes the first customer.  Our network of founders, developers, influencers, and investors participate in each portfolio opportunity.  We are here to clear the path ahead to make it easier for each next step with our efforts and resources along side each company.

Customer First

•  Build B-to-B focused companies with customers in mind and commitments to purchase solutions.
•  Each portfolio company builds into enterprise demand with corporate partners as initial customers.
•  Technical teams architect and develop the solution.
•  Influencer Network extend customer relationships.
•  The investor network commits to fund each project.
•  Sales and operating teams are established with funding.
•  Portfolio companies are built with exits in mind.

Corporate Partner

B2B Ventures partners with corporations looking for new solutions and steps in as an  incubation group to work with internal stakeholders and departments to solve and best integrate the new product.  We develop each product as a portfolio company with leadership, technical talent, and investor funding.  The benefits here are in agility, speed, and deep expertise in solution specific needs.  The corporate partner becomes a customer for the product and has the opportunity to invest or acquire the company.

Startups are hard for founders

Founders wear multiple hats having to build the product, recruit great talent (and keep them), get customers, raise capital, and all while operating the company.  There is always too much work and very little resources and juggling chicken and egg situations.  B2B Ventures is here to set the stage for an easier pathway and clear the road ahead so the operating team can focus on immediate needs. 

Our goal

Create an easier process for founders, useful solutions for corporations, and good investments for investors by de-risking each step.  We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel or upset the state of things, just do things in a different order.